Steph Mottram

Hello! I’m Steph, that’s me there! Well a few years back now, I’ve grown a little although my fashion sense hasn’t improved much and I have a silly massive grim across my face when riding my bike.

I’m so excited to be riding for NCC group – Kuota – Torelli this year, you see I’ve always loved sport. 10 years ago you would have found me in a boat sat on my bum going backwards seemed like the best sort for me! I spent year’s racing in the world of rowing with my biggest achievement being going to the youth Olympics in Australia in 2007. It was such an amazing experience the team all the sports coming together but more than anything getting to compete in a sport I loved for my country on this get stage. Walking away with 3 gold medals I felt on top of the world, could anything top this?

Well I was soon brought back to reality, despite devoting my life to the sport injury struck only a couple of months later, only being 19 and having spent 9 months in rehab I knew what I had to-do. Although all I wanted to-do was compete I needed to let my back heal and allow myself to live my life.

Sport was always in the back of my mind I knew what I had achieved and I knew that sport was in my blood, but I kept focused. The same focus that got me to where I was in rowing. This meant I got a job or 3 and brought a house. I qualified to be a driving instructor, studied for my safety qualification and got a job managing for royal mail. Coupled with more a fun job on the side…who doesn’t love cake?!

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It didn’t take much for me to find my way back into sport my underlying dedication taking me to the gym or out for a run every morning. I soon started to compete in triathlon and within months I had managed to qualify for the age group worlds in 2015 in Edmonton Canada. Walking away with silver I had a new found determination. The sort I hadn’t seen in myself since I had stood on the podium in 2007 in Australia. But I wanted more, and I got close making it to age group British champion in 2016.

My heart was always with cycling though, if I could choose a training session I would choose to be on my bike. It didn’t matter how hard the session was how sick it made me feel I just wanted to be on my bike. Well suited to sitting down sports I’ve been told!

This is where I am now, I spent the 2016 season riding for a local bike shop in Hull their dedication to help the sport has given me so many opportunities. .Their support and guidance lead to a 10th place finish atImage may contain: 1 person, riding a bicycle, outdoor and nature the Isle of Man national series, along since a few podiums though the year. A lot of pain full national series competitions, where I learnt more than I thought possible about the tactics within racing. Towards the end of the season I got the opportunity to guest for sunsport in Belgium and travel to Ireland to compete in the Ras nbam. It was such an incredible first season and this year feels like another step up.

I cant wait to start racing in 2017 for NCC group – Kuota – Torelli, I’m really looking forward to my 2nd season on the road, my 1st year riding the boards and am hoping to get more TT competitions in throughout the year. Lets make these long cold dark winter rides worth it ………………

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